Database Management and Visualization

Environmental investigations and site remediation work generate a large amount of data. Many site managers do not capture and track site data efficiently which can result in increased sampling costs. Greenstar understands how to track and use all existing data so site decision makers can quickly and easily access and use site data. We have developed a simple but highly flexible database search tool that can be easily used by anyone to search the site database and use existing data. Combined with database management, Greenstar uses many different tools for data visualization such as 3-D block models, GIS tools, spatial analysis, and geostatistics. We know that a well designed graphic can provide a convincing argument.

  Contact Greenstar by email or at (845) 223-9944. Greenstar is certified as a New York State WBE/DBE and Federal 8(m) firm. Download a summary of Greenstar's qualifications.