NJ Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)

Do you have an environmental site in New Jersey? Have you received a letter from NJ DEP stating you are required to hire an LSRP for your environmental project? If so, Greenstar is here to help!

As of May 2012 the NJDEP has changed how environmental projects are managed. As part of these new rules, the NJDEP now requires responsible parties associated with contaminated properties to hire a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) for the management of their environmental site and enter the site into the LSRP program. The NJDEP now requires that all new and existing cases be entered into the LSRP program with site remediation overseen by an LSRP.

The LSRP program represents a transition from the existing NJDEP lead case management system, to an LSRP lead case management system. The LSRP working with the person responsible for conducting remediation implement the NJDEP regulations while the NJDEP provides limited oversight and auditing services. The LSRP program also establishes mandatory timeframes and NJDEP permit and oversight fees.

There are also many potential reasons why retaining an LSRP would make sense, or may be required. If you have questions regarding the requirements of the LSRP program, Greenstar is here to help. Greenstar has an LSRP on staff who is experienced in all requirements of the LSRP program.

If you have any questions regarding this program, Greenstar offers a complimentary consultation to determine the best approach and strategy for your project. If interested, please contact Pete Nimmer, PG, LSRP at 845-223-9944 or by email.

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