Site with Chlorinated Solvent Release in Fractured Bedrock

Greenstar is the site manager for a large commercial site in central New Jersey. Greenstar has completed a groundwater remedial investigation to assess the nature and extent of a chlorinated solvent plume in fractured bedrock and design enhanced remedial measures. The facility is a former research laboratory with elevated concentrations of chlorinated VOC in groundwater with the overburden and underlying fractured bedrock. Greenstar is responsible for collection of groundwater samples from over 100 monitoring wells, reporting of sample results, Annual Report generation and database management, groundwater pump and treat system maintenance, indoor air sampling, and negotiations with State regulators.

Greenstar completed a large scale soil excavation to remove impacted soils and the site has received approval for ‘No Further Action’ for site soil. The soil excavation included excavation and off-site disposal of more than 10,000 cubic yards of waste impacted with VOC, metals, PCB and ferrochrome slag. Greenstar successfully obtained a reclassification for disposal of soils, thereby saving $1,750,000 on this project. A pilot study using zero valance iron is being completed to eliminate the need for an existing pump and treat system to reduce long-term site costs. Greenstar negotiated significant reductions in annual sampling requirements with State regulators.

  Contact Greenstar by email or at (845) 223-9944. Greenstar is certified as a New York State WBE/DBE and Federal 8(m) firm. Download a summary of Greenstar's qualifications.